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Intern Nepal/Recruit Nepal is a visionary project aimed at providing recruitment support to companies in Nepal. We envision to build an ecosystem that would enable the educated workforce of the country to channel themselves smoothly into the job market. Our main focus is on bridging the apparent gap that exists between industry, education institutions, and human resources, which hinders the career growth of young recruits and makes hiring inefficient and costly for companies.  We first started with Intern Nepal - focusing solely on providing a common platform dedicated to internships that connected the fresher's pool of the country’s workforce with different companies that are seeking candidates to meet their own needs. Through our platform, students and freshers are able to gain career-oriented experience and timely exposure to the job market - thus, enabling and preparing them for a smooth entrance to being the workforce of the country.

Our compatible and adaptive portals help candidates to easily find new internships across different faculties and job streams. They can connect as well as communicate with several companies from various sectors and apply to jobs and internships best suited for them. We also aid the candidates to build their CVs from scratch and provide free listings of various Training and similar opportunities. 

We learned from working as Intern Nepal during the first few months that companies mostly seek new recruits to formally join their company. Eventually, we transitioned into recruitment - now focusing on talent extraction and conversation. We became Recruit Nepal, through which, we provide recruitment, screening, and outsourcing support to companies as well as encourage students and freshers to move beyond internships and advance in their careers.

Our Service
Intern Nepal
  • Act as a platform to bring together colleges, companies and students 
  • Help students build their profiles from scratch and align their interests and skills. 
  • Help Companies to better filter and pool young talents towards their workforce. 
  • To introduce market standards practice and concepts of Internship I(Fresher based Placements ) to the industry.
  • List training programs most useful for students and candidates to counter the skill gap.
  • Empower and represent freshers in our industry. 
Recruit Nepal
  • Help Active job seekers to acquire jobs and represent them as a recruiter
  • Act as a pipeline for companies to channel talent.
  • Help companies to pool candidates, filter according to designated job requirements.
  • Assist companies to set interviews and understand score card to evaluate potential recruits. 
  • Use multiple channels to provide post vacancy details, in our portal provide recruitment support from our recruiter's team act as headhunters for Designated openings
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Intern Nepal Initiatives Pvt.Ltd
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