Promote Internship Pay and set industry standards through Glassdoor.

Did you know you can ANONYMOUSLY share the salary a company pays you?

This doesnot only show the company culture and standards in an ethical way but also keeps companies on the edge so to not misuse or under pay their employees.

A free online resource called Glassdoor collects information and opinions about businesses, pay scales, and even job postings from current and former employees. The organization has data from employers all over the world and has its corporate headquarters in California.

For a relativelty less monitored Market like Nepal where govermental bodies are not well set to monitor pay standards a portal like glassdoor shows much significance.

We see many companies not providing payment of any sorts even basic to their interns which we want to address.

All of us can contribute by firstly reviewing internship pay or even job pay of any particular company on the basis on registeration on a free portal of Glassdoor and the best thing is it is Anonymous , by any means no one can tell that you have reviewed the company. 

So lets promote paid internships and set market standards for pay through the use of this website.


Feel free to comment your ideas and reviews. On if this should be promoted. 




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